Maintenance Packages

  • Basic Tuneup
    The major adjustments to get your bike up and running again. The basic tuneup covers both front and rear brake adjustments, front are rear shifting adjustments, a safety check where all bolts on the bike are checked and tightened to torque settings, and a light wipe down and re-lube of the bike.
  • Advanced Tuneup
    Includes the basic tuneup, as well as truing both front and rear wheels, and adjusting all bearings on the bike: headset, bottom bracket, front and rear hub.
  • Overhaul
    Includes the advanced tuneup, as well as removal and deep cleaning of all parts and frame, all adjustments needed and repacking all bearings.
  • Suspension Service
    We offer suspension services from seal replacement to cartridge overhaul. Please call or bring in your bike for the correct pricing for your exact needs.


  • We diagnose each bike on a case by case basis for no charge.
  • All repairs are completed within 3 days of dropping off the bike as long as all parts needed are in stock (special order parts may require more time)

Purchased the bike from us?

We’ve got you covered! Your bike purchase includes 1 year of free service from us. Come in anytime for our advanced tuneup (includes brake bleeds).

You can also purchase lifetime advanced tuneups with the bike for $80! Or $150 after the bike purchase.